As a Nikkei Nisei (second-generation Japanese Canadian), ceramics has been a part of Nina's life growing up. From rustic Bizen-yaki pieces adorning the mantle, bright decorative Arita-yaki bowls used for traditional New Years' ozoni, to delicate porcelain bowls for tea ceremony, Nina learned an appreciation for ceramic arts at an early age and focuses on making functional pieces out of both stoneware and porcelain.

Nina took Ceramics classes at Kansai Gaidai University on exchange in Japan, and has taken it up as a hobby ever since. She took classes at Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, in Burnaby and later joined the Trout Lake Pottery Club. Nina has done pottery on and off for over 10 years and does what she can in her spare time. Her dream is to one day have her own crafting space for pottery and other crafts complete with potter's wheel, and kiln. Especially as she will be out of a studio space come March 2010 (for two years) due to the demolition and reconstruction of the Trout Lake Community Centre.

Exploring glass as a new medium, Nina learned how to make reversible art, and stained glass necklace pendants through a class with Soigne Atelier in Vancouver. Her pieces reflect Japanese influences by incorporating ceramics, washi such as origami paper, kimono silk, handmade paper, personal photographs, Japanese newspaper and magazines to create the pendants. Other materials used are glass, copper foil, lead-free solder, flux, patina (black finish) for the outer finish.

Nina is currently experimenting with fused glass pendants, tiles and plates.